Speed Index at the Školská 28 Gallery

Speed Index at the Školská 28 Gallery, Prague.

Daniel Vlček and guests

4.13.2016 – 5.3.2016

 Authenticity is displayed as you walk between the primitive elements to each piece.  Each footstep you take is wary, as the chords are loose on the floor, and glass pieces delicately hang from the ceiling.  All around the gallery space there are moments of un-ease, aided too by the white noise filling the room. Sound, census, texture, speed, volume all build up the show that is Speed Index.

Each piece brought to attention a feeling.  A tall square piece meets you at the doorway evoking awareness.  This is where you are now, you are entering this space that is different than where you were.  It is a gate. Communication resounds by means of different languages.  As a viewer you can’t argue at this point that you are not aware.

The viewer’s presence was just as important within the space as the pieces themselves.  the glass is unstable, and sends anxiety, but the awareness of this is necessary by the viewer.  Similar to the works of Antony Gormley, presence is activated by both work and viewer.

What interested me in the show was the dichotomy of organic and electronic.  The chords all around the room and straps and things gave the room an organic atmosphere although the blackness was so heavy. Usually technology-heavy shows evoke futuristic atmospheres but this seemed to walk back in time.  The pieces did not do amazing things beyond counting, or making noises, or graphing depths. There was an irony in it.  Computers are supposed to do what we can not.  These devices simply did what one did not want or need to do.  Their presence was simply visual, which at the time, so was mine.

Written: April 18, 2016